I did a story recently on the MOST expensive home currently for sale in North Dakota.  It was a spectacular home in Williston that was listed at 3 MILLION dollars.  So, what is the LEAST expensive home in North Dakota going to set you back?  According to zillow try 2,989,100.00 dollars cheaper than the most expensive.  That's right, it's only $10,900.00.  Again, I only looked at homes, (stick built) non trailer homes and homes that are not in foreclosure.  So, just over 10 grand sounds pretty good right?

Here's the catch.  You have to move to Maddock, North Dakota.  I know myself, I had to look on a map to find out exactly where it is in our great state.  I knew it was by Devils Lake, which of course is in the heart of GREAT waterfowl hunting.  Maddock is in Benson Country, southwest of Devils Lake and northwest of Harvey.  Population was 300 plus at the 2010 census.  The city was founded in 1901.  What's interesting with that, this home built in 1900, so it's one of the original homes in the city.

I never could find the square footage of this home online, but to me it looks like 800 to 1200.  It appears to have a basement by the outside pictures or crawl space, but it's not listed.  The home is being sold as is, so there's obviously some things that need fixing before it's livable, including a plumbing issue.  The home currently does not have water.  Yep, huge red flag, but for $10,000 grand you could get past that I would think?  The home features 4 bedrooms and one full bath and one 3/4 bath.  You could get into this home for a mortgage price of $55 dollars a month.  Can you imagine?

Zillow estimates this home to be worth 62,000 dollars, so again 10 grand is a deal for sure.  Might be the perfect hunting shack for you and your buddies.  To be honest, it's way less scary than I thought it would be for that price.


North Dakota's Least Expensive Home Currently For Sale

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