Pink is not your mama's CoverGirl. The singer's new CoverGirl advertisements are landing in fashion mags, and she looks hawt!

CoverGirl wanted an edgy pitchwoman and didn't want to try and mold the 'Try' singer into something she's not. Rather, Pink is her typical badass, black-clad rocker self in all of her print advertisements, which let her tattoos show, as well. She is redefining outmoded and stodgy standards of beauty with her ads and we love her and the brand for it.

The singer is repping the new Clump Crusher mascara, cloaked in black while doing it. With those patent leather, super shiny gloves, Pink looks tough, but still wholly approachable. We want to copy her extreme, winged, smoky eye makeup, too.

Pink is also endorsing CoverGirl's Lash Blast Volume mascara and Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, the latter of which boasts the edgy tag "Go Topless." Again, since Pink has such a diamond-in-the-rough image and attitude, that type of copy fits her ads.

Pink is single-handledly helping a tried and true cosmetics brand redefine itself and show its modernity. Signing her to a contract was a smart move on CoverGirl's part.


Watch the Pink 'Try' Video