North Dakota pretty much sucks at driving.

At least according to a new study by Yahoo.  In the article North Dakota ranks especially high for speeding and getting caught. We came in at number 3 for our high number of Google searches for "speeding ticket" or "traffic ticket" compared to searches for gas.   What's even more troubling is how high we rank for drinking and driving.  NO state in the United States has more DUI's per 1,000 drivers than the Peace Garden State.  A whopping 8.68.

Overall, North Dakota Ranks as the 2nd worst state in America for Drivers.

We did a lot better in the 2020 survey, where North Dakota ranked 20th (still not great).  What's really troubling is that driving under the influence is completely preventable.  Especially in this day age of Uber/Lfyt.  You don't have to drink and drive.  It's a choice and not a good one.  It could have consequences way beyond your life.  You could take the life of another person or multiple lives.  According to Vision Zero North Dakota, 240 people have died in alcohol related crashes in North Dakota over the past 5 years.  YIKES!  Nearly half of all fatal crashes in North Dakota involves alcohol annually.  42% to be exact and that is a sad statistic when drinking and driving is 100% preventable.

So, before you get behind the vehicle after drinking this weekend, here's a couple of laws you should be aware of.  If you should happen to drink and drive with a minor in your vehicle, you could be hit with a year in prison/$3,000 dollar fine or both.  If you should happen to injury somebody while drinking and driving, you could spend up to 5 years in prison.  If you should happen to kill somebody while under the influence of alcohol it could mean 20 years behind bars.

This is something that North Dakota has to take seriously and it all begins with you.  Never, ever drink and drive.



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