Our friends at Insurify have come out with a list of the fittest cities in each state.  Let me say first off, there's a reason why it's not one of the bigger cities in the Red River Valley.  Nothing against them, I was born and raised in Grand Forks and I have spent most of my life in the Forks.  However, it's too damn COLD out there.  Winter is at least 5 months long.  It makes it much more difficult to stay in shape for the average person.  When you're cooped up inside almost half a year, every year, it makes it kind of tough to work out unless you have equipment at home, or a gym membership.

What a different world living in central or western North Dakota.  My last two winters in Bismarck have been a piece of cake.  2019-2020 we had winter in October, but by February the snow was all gone and we had very few cold days.  This 2020-2021 winter we had about a week stretch of Grand Forks like weather, but that was about it.  No snow again by February and despite what the ground hog said, spring is coming early once again.

Warmer weather means more time outside, more activity and the better shape you'll be in.  According to the article, Insurify’s data scientists scored communities on the availability and accessibility of outdoor recreation areas, and for the proportion of community members working in jobs that promote health and fitness or that demand significant physical activity. Based on this data, they identified the most fitness-friendly cities.

And the winner in North Dakota is...BISMARCK.  With our never ending outdoor trail systems throughout the city and much warmer weather than the eastern part of the state, that helped give us the edge over Fargo or Grand Forks.  Other cities named "the most fittest" for states around us include, Minneapolis for Minnesota, Sioux Falls for South Dakota and Kalispell in Montana.


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