The dirty, sexy trailer for Selena Gomez's much-discussed, against-type role in the thriller 'Spring Breakers' has landed. The film has generated a ton of pre-release press, but now we finally get to bask in some actual clips and action from the flick. Sel is a central figure, too!

She and her co-ed pals, including Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens, finds themselves in a whole world of trouble, after partying all along the way to get there.

In the trailer, the ladies spend lots of time showing off their rad, tight bodies in bikinis and they even sing Britney Spears' '...Baby One More Time.' Be sure and stick around for that; it's the definitive moment and one you won't want to miss.

Some of the key scenes in the trailer include Gomez musing that she is "tired of seeing the same thing" and "searching to see something different." The good-girls-gone-bad want to pretend like their lives are a video game, which is insanely problematic, since computer games are not reality and have no consequences. That's a quick recipe for disaster.

There's lots of solo cups, people bumping and grinding with little-to-no-clothes, sexy kisses and more. Oh, and the girls get handcuffed.

And then there is James Franco with bad tats, a grill and corn rows, playing the sleazeball of the century.

Spring break forever, b----es.