Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are besties, so that's why Swift's feelings about Gomez's ex Justin Bieber were a hot topic earlier this year. So why were the two ladies giggling about The Biebs? Relax and we'll tell you. But trust us. It's not what you think.

Let's backtrack a little. Remember when T. Swizzle stuck her tongue out when Jelena hugged backstage at the Billboard Awards? Rumors that Swift hated The Biebs swirled. Swift spoke about that drama and nonsense, coyly, in her new Glamour U.K. cover.

Swift was asked what she thought of the pervasive rumor that she didn't think Bieber was good enough to date her friend any longer. "Oh, Selena and I laughed hysterically on the phone about that," Swift said.

So she is reading her press, that much we know.

However, T. Swizzle's response can be interpreted one of two ways. Either the girls had a chuckle because they were found out or they were giggling because they can't believe how the gossip media blows stuff out of proportion and assumed that Swift hated her former pal The Biebs.

The answer is not straightforward by any means and the plot thickens.