Who knew a word that was first published on a post from an Aussie back in 2003 would become the next Oxford English Dictionary's 'Word of the Year'

We've all seen them. We all fall into one of 2 categories when it comes to selfies. The first group is the OBSESSIVE selfie poster who takes every chance they get to post a selfie to Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. The other group... gets annoyed seeing the people in group 1 post so many selfies!

If you have to do a selfie... let's all agree that the following poses should be banned.

1) The Duck Face

Joey Dee

There is no tackier pose than the duck face. Please never do it again

2) The Extreme Cleavage Shot

Joey Dee

Ok Ladies. Yes, we know you have boobs. Yes, we know you like to show them off. There are better ways to do it that don't make you look like you belong in the movie 'Pretty Woman'

3) The Tongue Out

Joey Dee

Ok Miley... We know you like to be wild and crazy. No need for the tongue

And the most pathetic of them all 4) The Forever Alone

Joey Dee

Yes, this is a LOT more common than you think. You're trying to be all hipster and show that you don't need friends. Stop being ironic... let your actual friends join you in your pics.

What are some other bad selfie poses are out there? Let's make the master list of DO NOT's for selfies