A sensory playground for kids of all abilities just opened in Bismarck.

There is a new sensory playground that just opened for Bismarck-Mandan kids. DC's Sensory Center is a place where kids of all abilities can play comfortably. What kinds of fun things can you expect to find for your kids at DC's Sensory Center?

What can kids do at DC's Sensory Center?

DC Sensory Center posted a video on their opening day of January 12 to show the community what exactly they have to offer for kids. The video tour shows a huge playroom with colorful mats, a jungle gym, a rock-climbing wall, tunnels, sensory toys, and more. And even though this type of playground is geared toward kids with sensory difficulties, DC's Sensory Center is meant for kids of all abilities to enjoy.

What is a sensory center?

According to DC's Sensory Center's website, the center is "a safe and fun environment where your child can play, learn, and grow." The website states that custom-made sensory equipment actually benefits kids of all abilities. Those benefits are:

    1. Build nerve connections
    2. Develop language skills
    3. Facilitate cognitive growth
    4. Enhance memory
    5. Teach sensory attributes
    6. Grow motor skills
    7. Promote problem-solving skills
    8. Foster important social skills

Where is DC's Sensory Center in Bismarck?

DC's Sensory Center is located not far from Bismarck's airport at 2706 Rock Island Place. As of the time of this post, hours are not listed on Google for the center. But you can keep up-to-date on DC's Sensory Center's hours and other information by following its Facebook profile.

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