Since moving out to North Dakota in October, I've had a lot of firsts happen. First Sub-Zero winter, First jump into a snow bank, First taste of Knoephla soup... the list goes on and on.

One that I never thought would ever happen... Me breaking out my shorts in March.Today in Bismarck, it's 45 degrees and sunny skies. Back in Seattle... It's 50 and raining. (I know this because the Seattle Sounders are playing their season opener in the rain today). I think the earliest I ever wore shorts out and about in Seattle was mid to late April, and it was only for a day before they went back away.

Today, I've been running all my errands in my Sounders short sleeve Jersey and soccer shorts. It actually feels very nice!

A coworker just txt me to remind me that it could snow again, saying the last snow last year was in April.

I'm fine with that. I'm just going to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather while it's here!