A gay man in Fargo, North Dakota is looking for answers, after not being allowed to give blood. 

The Food and Drug administration has a policy saying that a gay man must wait 3 months after his last sexual encounter with another man before he can give blood?

This is kind of a head scratcher when you think about it, because all blood is tested for HIV regardless of who gives it.

Many people find out they have HIV after giving blood.  What's the difference if a gay man or heterosexual man gives blood, when either one of them could be carrying the HIV virus.  Also, keep in mind according to the Red Cross, currently the nation is facing a severe blood shortage.  The United States and most other countries are still facing a critical blood shortage, thanks mostly to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Every two seconds somebody in the United States needs blood.  The Red Cross has been working around the clock to meet the demands of hospitals and patients.  They have sent out around 75,000 more blood products than expected to meet the demands over the last three months alone.

He just wants equal opportunity to help out his community.

According to an article on Valley News Live, Keifer Pesola said, “If there are willing adults that are willing to donate blood, then why not take from them?"   He believes there is a stigma about the LGBTQ community generating back to the start of the HIV and Aids epidemic.

There are no restrictions with heterosexuals when it comes to giving blood.


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