The very first doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine made it to North Dakota this week. At this point, the vaccine has been made available for frontline healthcare workers and the elderly in nursing homes. Eventually, the vaccine will be more widely available to anyone. But North Dakota's governor says he will choose to get his vaccine later, rather than sooner.

According to the Associated Press,  because he does not have any underlying health conditions or vulnerabilities, and he is not a healthcare worker. That does not mean that he will not get the vaccine when it's his time to get it.

It makes sense that the governor is not trying to get the vaccine when healthcare workers and the elderly should be the first to take advantage. But why should he not be one of the first to get it once it is available to the general public? I mean, he is the leader of North Dakota and he should lead by example.

If Governor Burgum makes a point to show North Dakotans that he believes in the vaccine, he should be first in line to get it. People are skeptical of getting the vaccine. So, a leader who is "waiting" to get such a controversial vaccine will only make critics further question the legitimacy of getting people to vaccinate.

Should Governor Doug Burgum wait to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it is available to everyone?

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