I'm sure if you work, and you don't smoke.  You've noticed your smoking co-workers out in the parking lot puffing away several times a day.

At my previous job we even for giggles tried to figured out how much time certain employees spent on these paid breaks.  One in particular was astonishing.  10 minutes an hour, somewhere 8 to 10 times a day.  So in the neighborhood of an hour and a half each day was spent smoking.  That might have been a conservative number.

I often thought to myself as a non-smoker, Should non smoking employees get some extra vacation for working longer days.  I know this is probably a pipe dream, but low and behold there's a company doing it.

One marketing company in Japan, Piala Inc., has decided to start offering its nonsmoking employees an extra six vacation days to make up for smokers’ cigarette breaks.

That might seem unfair to smokers, but the math actually adds up according national studies.

According to Halo Cigs, more than 80% of nonsmokers believe they should get at least one extra vacation day.

And more than 50% of nonsmokers think they should get three or more extra vacation days.

What do you think?