A Minnesota middle school is removing the letter "F" from the grading scale.

Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake, Minnesota is changing up its grading scale. Students at the school will no longer receive "F" grades. This is part of a whole attempt to encourage students to actually learn the material they are being tested on.

Sunrise Park Middle School's principal, Christina Pierre, and associate principal, Norman Bell, posted a video explaining the school's updated grading scale. They described how it works and why it will be better for students. Principal Pierre said the "whole intent is to focus on learning."

There are more changes to grading besides "passing" or "failing."

Instead of having an "F" grade on the scale, there is an "I" for "incomplete." According to the sliding scale shown in the video, grades go as low as 50%, and anything below that is not used for a grade. Other things not considered for grading include:

  • behaviors/ attitude
  • tardiness to class
  • Whether an assignment is turned in late or on-time

Traditional learning really needs a complete overhaul.

I think something like this is a step in the right direction for education. In my opinion, traditional learning is not all that useful. How much did we "learn" in school just to forget it all as soon as the exams were through? None of that nonsense goes with us into the real world.

Honestly, most of what we learn in school is useless once students graduate and get a dose of reality. So, there are more steps that need to be taken in order to make education work in favor of students, to actually better prepare them for their futures.

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