The future of learning might be here to stay in North Dakota. According to KFYR-TV, there is an "education funding" bill that was approved to allow virtual learning to become a permanent option. KFYR-TV reports that North Dakota already had a virtual learning element for snow days and that virtual learning is more common now. Get the full story about virtual learning as a permanent option in North Dakota here.

I have heard arguments for and against virtual learning, but what is the best option for students? Even though I do not have children, I think a mix of virtual and in-person learning can be a really positive outcome of this pandemic! Hear me out.

I have always been someone who works best alone. It is not that I cannot work in teams or groups, it is just easier for me to focus on myself and what I need if I am not distracted by others and what they have going on. When I was in high school, we did not have much for virtual learning options - just whatever computer programs that may be offered for a course. But when I was in college, I had the opportunity to take online courses.

I did spend most of my time on-campus for class, but the classes I could take online were timesavers and stress-relievers in my life. I loved that I knew the curriculum and had access to all assignments on day one of class. I could work at my own pace, and I even tended to complete my online courses a few weeks before the semesters ended.

I think students with similar learning styles as myself would also think that a virtual learning option is beneficial. How do you feel about virtual learning in North Dakota schools?

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