Recent months have seen SNL shifting away from the traditional guest star promos to something with a bit more production value, but don’t bother trying to get Louis C.K. on board. The comedian would like you to know he’s hosting this weekend, not presenting at the Grammys.

Fresh off his new Netflix special, C.K. returns to SNL with a new promo for the April 8 show, set to feature first-time musical guest The Chainsmokers. The footage cleverly subverts SNL Season 42’s flashier promos, as the erstwhile Louie star dismisses all the slow-motion style in favor of just explaining himself.

C.K. marks the first of Season 42’s final five hosts, preceding Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles on April 15, and then Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy and The Rock in subsequent weeks. Those final four shows after C.K. will also air live coast-to-coast for the first time in the series’ history.

You can Catch Louis C.K.’s SNL return promos above, and stay tuned for more from the full episode this Saturday.

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