Burger King Canada is now serving a new Kit Kat Shake and it needs to come south of the Canadian border to Bismarck, ND.

Burger Kings in the U.S. currently have the Oreo Shake and Oreo Chocolate Shake, and they've also been known to serve limited time menu items, such as the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shake. And now, Burger King Canada is serving the new Kit Kat Shake. But why not Burger Kings in the U.S., or since we're so close already, why not North Dakota?

Once again, North Dakota is getting screwed out of a menu item that's selling elsewhere. It almost feels intentional sometimes, but this time only our neighbors to the north are getting this particular item.

The Canadian news publication, Canadify, had this to say about the new limited time only menu item, "The Kit Kat Shake features the brand’s vanilla soft serve blended with Kit Kat pieces and vanilla sauce. The shake if finished with a sweet whipped topping."

It sounds amazing, Canada! Any chance someone can smuggle some across the border down to Bis-Man? Just a thought.

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