Bismarck Police have responded to 2 different animal cruelty incidents in North Bismarck where cats were shot in the side with arrows.

Sgt. Buschena of the Bismarck Police says a 55-year-old woman called the department when she found 2 cats shot with arrows on her property located inside the Mr. B's Estates at 2500 Centennial Road. She found the first as she was leaving for work in the morning. It appeared to be alive, and she was unsure of what to do about it, so she left it alone. When she returned, it was gone.

Advised by a vet to do so, she filed a police report with the BPD. When she returned home from filing the report, she found another cat with an arrow through it. She immediately contacted the police who brought an animal control officer with to handle the cat.

Sgt. Buschena says it is unknown if the cats have owners, and at this point, they have no leads.

Anyone with information should call 701-223-1212 or 701-224-8477.

[h/t Bismarck Tribune]