I am fully aware that this article will have a TON of people who will disagree with me

I accept that right now, but I have an opinion on something that I feel WE ( Bismarck/Mandan residents ) ALL should do. The act of tipping is a personal gesture of appreciation, but it's also a HIGHLY contested topic, especially if one feels that it's their RIGHT NOT to leave a single penny - I disagree.

The arguments against leaving a tip are many - lack of good service, disappointment with your food, they don't deserve it

So first of all, if the above is the case, then YES by all means leaving a tip would be silly, what would be the point of doing that? Now several people in the fast-food business say "What about tipping us?" - hence the cover picture of this article - to that I say "Why not?" - I mean after all they did prepare your food for you - they had it ready in a reasonable bit of time. They did everything right on their end, so why not INCLUDE a small tip in the cost of your order? I would be ok with that.

My point is - to show appreciation to those who serve us, and who take care of US...

...see where I'm getting at? It's a show of respect right back to them by offering a small tip - well then, do we tip the maids at hotels that come in to clean our room when we are gone for the day? My sister does- she lives it on a pillow. What about mechanics who work on your car? Well, I had that happen not long ago, and I had them add $20 to my final bill as a tip - when I get my oil changed, I throw them a $5 - WHY? Out of respect.

Yes, I guess there is a "fine line" between whom we tip and those we don't

For example, it was about 8 years ago I had a colonoscopy in Minot, and I did not tip the doctor. The way I see it, tip those whose job it is to take care of you. You get a haircut, leave a tip. Remember this, in the restaurant business, most people survive off their tips, NOT their paychecks. So what about the people I don't tip? Good question. I want to hope and assume that they are taken care of in their hourly or salary wage.


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