It's the guilty pleasures that make life so challenging and so much fun! We all have our favorites and they are so hard to avoid, especially when someone brings them into the office. Ah, temptation!

Stephen Chernin /Getty Images

Please, celebrate! It's Friday! It's the weekend! Today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY! I once lived in a city where the only donuts were available at quick stores. You know, some people call them C stores. As a kid, I remember the bakery. The place that would start to bake at 2 AM and the donuts were fresh, hot a gooey when you ordered them! Oh, so good! Really, the best donuts are from the bakery or the donut shop. Supermarket and gas station donuts, in my opinion are not real donuts. They just don't have the taste or the aroma when you walk into the store. A real bakery, you can smell that goodness blocks away!

Here in the Bismarck-Mandan area, where is your favorite place to grab the holed guilty pleasure? Do you like the traditional glazed donut or are you a jelly filled or custard filled type of person?