If you thought the reactions to Starbucks' red cups last holiday season were pretty over-the-top, get ready for more crazy reactions.

Remember last year, when Starbucks released a red cup for the holiday season and people came out of the woodwork to make claims that it wasn't "Christmas-y" enough? What does even mean really? I'm certainly not someone who needs to see Santa or Christmas trees, or pictures of snowflakes on the cup I'm drinking from in order to enjoy my hot beverage. My goal is usually to not burn myself by the time I'm finished with said beverage. If this is accomplished, I'm very satisfied with whatever beverage container is used and whatever may be the design on that particular beverage container. However, this is not the case for all people.

Now Starbucks has released a new design. Whether or not this design will continue on throughout the holiday season has yet to be determined, but the new design is even less holiday spirited than before. Whatever will we do? The new Starbucks cup is green, with a white dot in the center of the cup, with drawings of people from all cultures and backgrounds all around the cup. I know, outrageous! Isn't it?...Please detect the sarcasm in that last line.

The statement that Starbucks has made regarding the new cup has said that it's meant to inspire unity, shared values, and being good to each other. All of these concepts are good things. I think it's almost impossible for someone to complain, "Hey, that's too much unity," or "Stop telling me to be good to others." Yet, somehow, overreactions are now common place for some.

Many have taken to Twitter, saying the new cups come with "political brainwashing," or that "Starbucks is taking Jesus out of Christmas," or that somehow "Starbucks new cup design has ruined my day," because everyone knows those cups can make your day turn on a dime.

I honestly could care less what anyone thinks of Starbucks. I have no stock in whether their business succeeds or falls flat. I would just like to see people react normal to something as inanimate of an object as a cup. Honestly, I think the cup Anna Kendrick's character used in her audition for the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect may have been a more offensive design, and that's coming from someone who loves Anna Kendrick more than most things. Seriously, it's a cup, everyone. There's a good chance that it's probably not attempting to ruin your life.

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