The folks at Thrillist have done it again. They are always doing these interesting polls and rankings for various things and subjects that you and I never think about.

This time, they ranked every state by their fast food establishments.

Jeff J Mitchell/ Getty Images

Here is how Thrillist conducted this survey. They concentrated on these areas

1) the big chains (Burger King, KFC, etc.) that began there
2) the regional ones (Whataburger, Culver’s) that also originated there
3) the cool, little chains just in that state
4) the variety of choices and presence of enviable franchises
5) the deliciousness and uniqueness of their options in general

We also created a set of criteria to determine which places were fair game: there had to be counter service, food had to take about 3-8 minutes to prepare and there had to be at least three locations for a place to be considered a chain.

North Dakota came is at #41.

There’s a ton of fast food in NoDak — especially now that an oil boom is drawing hungry black-gold-collar workers — but aside from Burger Time (which is not an arcade game), there aren’t really any notable chains the state calls its own. Still, in Grand Forks, there’s The Kegs, which is on the National Historic Registry.
Notable fact: Since the fracking boom, fast-food demand has grown so much that some McDonald’s are starting people at $14/hour, plus a signing bonus.

You can see the entire list and determine if you think Thrillist got it right.