Cancer has effected everyone's life. Everyone knows someone who has been effected with cancer in one form or another. Cancer is the second most commonly cause of death in the U.S. behind heart disease.

Recently, Graphic ranked the states with the highest cancer rates and North Dakota ranked fair.

Andrew Burton/ Getty Images

So many things factor into someone getting cancer. It's not just where you live, nor it is hereditary, although family history does play a factor. In MOST cases, it comes down to lifestyle. Your diet, exercise or lack of exercise and smoking. Also, access to healthcare and health insurance. There are not many things people hate, but most would agree, the public hates cancer.

You can read more on the methodology here.

North Dakota ranked 25th-

  • Mortality Rate per 100K: 150.7
    Mortality Rank in U.S.: 45th
    Doctor Population per 100K: 95.8
    Doctor Population Rank in U.S.: 18th