Direct-to-DVD superstar Steven Seagal hung out with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week in a bid to promote a new martial arts school in Moscow and encourage physical fitness.

Sure, why not.

The Guardian reports that the Moscow martial arts center was revived into a new and modern format, which makes Seagal the logical choice. Because no one was more new or modern than Steven Seagal was 20 years ago. And in Russian years, that's now!

As the video above shows, Steve waded through a crowd of children who surrounded him like the slave laborers in 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.' The kids were dressed in the flag's white, red and blue and advised to adopt "full alertness." In short: It's creepy.

At one point, children mobbed Putin, and Seagal entered to pull him away (like a true BFF would) while an announcer boomed, "Kids, remain calm, it's a great honor to take pictures with the president of Russia." Gee, that doesn't sound staged at all.

And while we jokingly blame this on Dennis Rodman's recent foreign exploits, the truth is that Steven was the trend-setter here -- he's met with Putin in Russia several times, including a trip in August of last year.

But now that Steve's show 'True Justice' has been cancelled and we know Rodman doesn't have a remote chance of being the 'Celebrity Apprentice,' maybe they should hook up and do a show about meeting foreign dignitaries. Who better to represent the American people?