If you've ever been to Grand Forks/East Grand Forks, you come away with two things...these cities both love their hockey and both cities stink a lot. Between the potatoes, the sugar beets, and the hockey socks things can get pretty ripe in the Forks.


So here's an idea, ship that stink where ain't nobody at (spins wheel) like Oliver County!

Don't worry Mercer County, you'll get yours too.  It's not just ammonia from Grand Forks getting piped to this remote North Dakota region, it's actually over 10 million tons of carbon waste from all across the country coming our way every year.  Just last week, Summit Carbon Solutions announced its partnership with Northern Plains Nitrogen.  But that's all part of a much larger plan.

Summit Carbon Solutions is pleased to announce it has commenced drilling multiple stratigraphic test wells, a key milestone in its development of the world’s largest carbon capture and storage project. The test wells and Summit’s permanent geologic storage sites are in North Dakota, where Summit has formed relationships with local landowners and is now collecting data to guide the safe, permanent storage of carbon dioxide in deep subsurface formations.

No question if North Dakota wants to continue our carbon-producing ways there will have to be an offset in the form of finding a "safe" place to store all that nasty CO2. Since Oliver County has only one city and a population of fewer than 2,000 people in the whole darn county, it seemed like a good place to bury a billion tons of CO2. That's probably true.

The sites Summit is developing will comprise the largest carbon storage hub in the world, with an estimated aggregate potential to store one billion tons of carbon dioxide safely and permanently.  The majority of the pore space necessary to develop this hub has been secured through long term leases with landowners.

I guess my point is- if you're building a 2,000-mile pipeline across multiple states couldn't you find the occasional "pocket of pleasantness" you could send our way?

Why does it all have to smell like Grand Forks?

Environmental and tribal groups are rallying their forces along the proposed pipeline path.  But it seems most regions are fine with getting paid to have a pipeline send their nastiness to be buried under some faraway North Dakota field. Maybe the two thousand folks in Oliver County can read over this list and maybe find some aromas that aren't always ammonia.

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