I'm not going to take credit for this one bit, I will say that I would LOVE to think that the thief read my article last week...

...and had a change of heart - decided that what he or she did was WRONG and that it was possible to STILL do the RIGHT thing - return the car. Check out what my friend Tammy Lockwood just wrote me:

"Police called her this morning, they found her car!! Everything seems fine w it no damage"

Here is my letter from last week:

Open Letter To The Bismarck Car Thief - DO THE RIGHT THING!

To the person or persons who stole a car yesterday ( Thursday, January 12th ) at the Gateway Mall parking lot...

...I sure hope you read this, I really do. I'm trying to understand the mindset of what was going on in your head when you chose THIS car to steal. Did you take a couple of seconds to let it sink in that by your actions you would hurt a human being that has done absolutely nothing to YOU? A young lady who comes to work - takes pride in what she does - then like ALL of us walks out expecting to get in HER car and drive home.

You STILL can do the right thing

Whatever reason you may have had, at that moment you got behind the wheel and drove off with a stranger's car, let me take a couple more seconds to tell you all about  Ayrissa - she is 17 years old, a student, and a dependable hard working employee at Frybread Mama's. inside the Gateway Mall - sometime between 1:30 and 7:15 in the afternoon yesterday is when YOU struck. I'm sure you are aware that we are in the year 2023, where there are security cameras EVERYWHERE, from all angles. The police are already on this  - now think, from where you left the parking lot, you can be traced by cameras all around the city - they have the license plate number OF HER CAR - 900 DVK on a Saturn Ion - Someone SOMEWHERE will remember seeing you driving around BisMan, a quick call into the police when they see where you are at, and before you know it you'll be behind bars. This is your chance to do the right thing, drop the car off in some location and leave a note on it - RELEASE the car. All you have done so far is cause pain to a young lady, and I know deep down inside you, your conscience is screaming out to you - you have the power to bring back a smile...


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