According to a press release by, the most effective color with which to decorate your bedroom in order to ensure a good night's sleep is blue. Travelodge references a study that shows that people sleeping in a blue bedroom average seven hours and fifty-two minutes of sleep per night.

The press release explains:

Key findings from the study revealed that households who have a blue colour scheme in their bedroom are getting the best night’s sleep across the country. This is probably due to the fact that the colour blue is associated with a feeling of calmness. The colour also helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate which are essential in achieving a good quality night’s sleep.

The study also compiled a list of other sleep-inducing colors to consider next time you redecorate. A yellow bedroom (in which study participants slept an average of seven hours and forty minutes per night) aids relaxation by stimulating the nervous system.

Green decor (seven hours and thirty-six minutes) creates a calming environment.

The color silver (seven hours and thirty-three minutes) makes a room feel luxurious, and it glows like moonlight, stimulating sleep.

Finally, an orange color scheme (seven hours and twenty-eight minutes) creates a warm and cozy environment, is comforting and reassuring, and can even help with digestion after a late meal.

On the flip side, those who sleep in a bedroom with predominantly purple decor are getting the least amount of sleep per night on average, at just five hours and fifty-six minutes. Purple is a mentally stimulating color, meaning it could leave you mentally balancing your checkbook or replaying the events of a stressful day, rather than decompressing in preparation for sleep.