It is officially summer in North Dakota! Let's all throw out a hip hip hooray!
Yes, FINALLY we get to go back out on the lakes and river. We get to enjoy the sunshine and have backyard barbeques with our friends and family-- It's a good time here.
Speaking of enjoying the sunshine... you absolutely should do that, but with caution.
Mistake #1.
Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!
There is a mistake that a lot of North Dakotans make every single summer, so I’m taking upon myself to remind you not to do it.
It is a fatal mistake... forgetting your sunblock.
Bring it, drink it, bathe in it -- do what you gotta do. Obviously, kidding about drinking it.
You want to wear sunblock no matter what you’re doing outside, so make sure you pick some up and slather it on.
Side quest: You also want to make sure you're not falling asleep outside. ...Unless you live outside, then, like, what can you do? PSA: homelessness is a serious issue.
Sometimes it is nice to lay out, get toasty with a drink, get toasty with the sun...BUT whatever you do, do NOT fall asleep. That sunblock will only go so far. Not only will the tan lines be atrocious, but you will fry yourself.
There, I just saved your life.
Mistake #2.
We love to get in our boats and drink on the river, but if we've learned anything from the Justin Timberlake fiasco, it's that you want to have a designated boat captain.
Again, saving lives. I'll be wearing a cape all week as I've earned a superhero badge.
Mistake #3.
Here's what I believe to be the biggest, most offensive mistake you could possibly make this summer: not. taking. advantage. of. it.
We only get three to four months of tolerable weather; GO OUTSIDE.
Do all the things.
Don't sit inside and squander the warmth watching your comfort show on Netflix.
That is all. Me, dramatically exiting now.

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