There is a new super lice that has been found in 47 states including North Dakota. If there is one thing to make parents shiver is head lice!

This lice is resistant to over-the-counter medications often recommended by doctors to treat the irritating insects. The Journal Medical Entomology of says there is no need for alarm, but as kids go back to school there are precautions parents should take. This type of lice is no different from other types of lice, the only difference is this lice is resistant to regular over the counter remedies.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

The recommended treatment for people with head lice are -

  • start with over-the-counter medications, and look for shampoos containing the chemical insecticides permethrin and pyrethrin.
  • follow the treatment regiment according to the product label.
  • try multiple products, if one product doesn't work, try another product.
  • take steps to prevent infestation and passing the bug to another person. Teach your kids not to use other children's combs or wear other kids heats or helmets.
  • If all else fails, seek medical attention.

The Iowa Heath Department has issues a fact sheet with additional information.