A recent survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that 88 percent of millennials ages 19 to 24 engaged in at least one risky driving behavior during the 30-day study.

Risky driving behaviors include, but are not limited to speeding, texting, and running red lights. The survey showed that 59.3 percent of millennials ages 19 to 24 sent a text message or email over the course of the study, while 31.4 percent across all other ages sent texts or emails while driving in that time.

Millennials in the 19 to 24 age group are also 1.4 times as likely to drive over 10 mph above the given speed limit than all other age groups participating in the survey. The younger millennials 19 to 24 also run through more red lights than all other ages. Half of the younger millennials taking the survey sped through a light in the survey time frame, while 36 percent of all other ages admitted to doing the same.

The survey did show one positive for all its participants. Of those participating in the survey, 87.8 said that driving without a seat belt is unacceptable.

The survey sample included 2,511 licensed drivers over the age of 16. It was taken from a duration of a 30-day time span.

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