University of North Dakota

Process of Selecting New UND Nickname Drags On...
What started as an open process has become almost a farce as the University on North Dakota comes one step closer to "selecting" their new nickname. The ongoing public vote, who's 2nd round concluded on 11/6, narrowed the list of potential names down to 2 from 3.
Eligible Voters Selling UND Nickname Votes
With the University of North Dakota starting their final round of voting in the ongoing saga that is picking a new nickname for the university, some eligible voters are so sick of the entire process, they are selling their votes online.
UND Nickname Committee Cuts List Down to 15 Possibilities
The process of adopting a new nickname for the University of North Dakota came one step closer to completion yesterday (6/9) when the committee tasked with choosing the new name narrowed the possible list down to just 15 from the over 1,000 original submissions.

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