Taylor Swift is a lady in red on her latest Glamour cover, which is the March 2014 issue celebrating the mag's 75th anniversary! Who better to lead the celebratory charge and nod to nearly a century of Glamour than T. Swizzle?

The singer looks a bit mysterious on the cover, offering a sly and sexy grin, with her now-signature bangs skimming her eyes. The roughed up, messy texture of her locks also provides a nice contrast to her overall classic beauty.

With her arms perched behind her head, Swift looks like she is on top of the world because, well, she is.

We love her darkly rimmed baby blues and her soft, whisper pink lip color. She is known for her scarlet lady lips, so it's refreshing when she switches it up and opts for something a bit less dramatic yet equally as femme.

Her pretty, looks-like-lace-and-crochet tomato red dress is somewhat mod and '70s inspired. But she looks amazing, as always.