Taylor Swift has partnered with Diet Coke. In a short but sweet-like-the-soda video clip, she revealed she would be teaming up with the soft drink company for various tour promotions and sponsorships, and possibly more. Pop stars and soda pop partnerships are nothing new. Beyonce (for the Super Bowl), the late, great Michael Jackson (who had his hair famously singed while filming a commercial) and Britney Spears all teamed up with Coke's bitter rival Pepsi over the years. But Swift, who is known for her squeaky clean, wholesome-as-milk image, is getting criticized for aligning herself with what's seen as an unhealthy beverage.

While we realize it's not water, it is Diet Coke, as opposed to regular Coke, so it's Calorie-free.

But Swift is still being chastised by health and wellness watchdogs since the country is in the middle of an obesity epidemic, with diabetes being a major health issue. Soda is viewed as one of the top culprits causing these problems.

Critics are zeroing in on T. Swizzle since her target demo is much younger than, say, Brit Brit or Bey at this point. Her association with Diet Coke may be a gateway "drink" that encourages younger fans to make a bad choice, like soda over milk or water or even a natural juice.

Maybe T. Swiz should hawk milk, since it's more suited to her image?

T. Swizzle can't catch a break lately. After her very public split from Harry Styles, she's been the subject of rumors and the butt of jokes, and even had a brief battle with Michael J. Fox. She's not used to so much opposition.

But for what it's worth, pop stars partnering with pop is nothing new and it's a bit unfair for Swift to be singled our for accepting the promotional dollars that come along with it. Many others before her have done the same thing.

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