In news that will surprise no one, except possibly Taylor Swift herself (because she's always, like, totally shocked!), her friends predict that her relationship with Harry Styles won't end well.

A source told Us Weekly (via Radar Online) that "Taylor calls him her boyfriend, but it's in the early stages." Okay, fair enough, right?

The source also revealed that Swift moved on from ex Conor Kennedy, also 18, pretty swiftly (we'll be here all day, by the way) because "she already had Harry in mind." The girl wastes no time. Don't worry though, it'll probably totes be his fault in her liner notes.

The source says that Styles' isn't such a bad guy, however he may be portrayed lyrically later on. "They have a lot in common. Harry is superclose with his mom and grateful for what he has. He is a good guy," the source revealed. "Once he likes a girl, he's all in. He's very romantic: long emails, surprise gifts, meticulously planned dates."

Apparently pals are concerned that Swifty's doing her typical Stage 5 Clinger schtick with the One Direction hottie, and it's starting to spell disaster. A pal dished, "It's the same Taylor story -- it has tragedy written all over it."

Um, we're not sure they grasp "tragedy." A rich pop star breaking up with another rich pop star isn't 'King Lear.' Typically, tragedies involve the downfall of the main character.

The worst possible scenario is that Swift writes a song about Hazza later that only sells 2 bazillion copies instead of 10 bazillion. Or that she has to hear herself sing said song live and watch her own awkward dance moves. (That would be a bummer for the rest of us, too.)