The brothers of Transylvania University's Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu fraternity are shakin' off the haters -- not that there are any after this video! -- with their super impressive lip dub of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off.'

Not only is the name of their Kentucky college totally awesome and vampire-esque, the guys of this frat are pretty darn talented, filming the entire video in just one take.

The lip dub starts out with one brother lip synching in his room as the camera quickly pans over to the next brother, who grabs the next verse. As each frat bro zig-zags his way through various dorm rooms and into the hallway, the camera follows, each guy flawlessly nailing the lip dub and giving it his all. While each guy is funnier than the last, our favorite moments are when the guys enter a party -- and all of the partygoers immediately break out into the tune.

Can we join?

Watch the frat's Taylor Swift lip dub in the video above!

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