Everything is bigger in Texas, including poor sportsmanship.  In all my years of being involved in youth athletics, I've never seen ANYTHING like this. According to the Associated Press, a Texas high school football player charged onto the field and plowed over a referee last night after being ejected from the game.

Senior defensive lineman Emmanuel Duron of Edinburg High School came running from the sideline area after the referee announced his ejection, slamming into the official. You could tell the ref had no idea he was coming, and fell very hard to the artificial turf. This happened during the first half of the zone play play-in game against Parr-San Juan-Alamo.

Can you imagine what was going through this kids head? How did he think it would turn out for him? Obviously, he was never taught the meaning of sportsmanship. The Monitor of McAllen reported the referee was evaluated for a concussion by medical personnel at the stadium. The game eventually did resume after a 30 minute delay, with Edinburg winning 35-21 to advance to the playoffs. Emmanuel Duron was the District 31-6A defensive player of the year last season, Duron also is the Bobcats' kicker and punter. He's also a star wrestler for the school. However, the school forgot to teach him sportsmanship.



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