Bismarck High School's standout running back Isaiah Huus suffered a season ending injury at Fargo Shanley a few weeks back.  Reports were coming out. that this would likely be a career ending injury.  Isaiah tore his calf late in the game against the Deacons.  Part of his calf muscle literally died.  Doctors performed emergency surgery on Isaiah the following day.  Talk about a devastating way to end your Senior sports season.  Huus is also a tremendous wrestler on the state champion Demon wrestling team.  Here's one of Isaiah's highlight from last season on the football field.

I got a chance to interview Isaiah Huus at halftime of the West Fargo Sheyenne and Bismarck High School football game on Friday night.  Isaiah is currently in a wheelchair, and will have to undergo another surgery on his calf down at Rochester Mayo hospital in the near future.

When I asked Isaiah about reports saying that this injury will likely end his football career, his answer surprised me.  You see Isaiah, was being heavily recruited by many colleges to play football next year, including Division 1 schools.  He's a special football player, and is one of the best players in the state.  Isaiah's answer to me was a resounding, "No, that's not true."  After speaking with his doctors last week, he's doing well with his recovery, and may be able to play football next season in college.  That's if, he doesn't take the college wrestling route.  He's being heavily recruited for that sport as well.  Considering the severity of the injury, this sure is great news for this brave young man.

Huus says in the meantime, he's looking forward getting back on the field this season and helping his teammates anyway possible as a mentor or student coach.  That will be a welcome sight for the Demons, who haven't been the same team since Huus's injury.  They've dropped 3 straight, including a 35-0 loss to West Fargo Sheyenne this past Friday night.

I can't wait to hear the roar from Demonation when Isaiah takes the field at some point this season to help his team.  That will be a must see moment.



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