Josten Bundy, 21, of Tyler Texas, was sentenced in early July by a Smith County Court-at-Law judge to marry his girlfriend, 19-year-old Elizabeth Jaynes.

Bundy pled guilty to assault after an incident in which he punched Jaynes' ex-boyfriend in the jaw, spurred by the ex allegedly "saying disrespectful things" about Jaynes.

Judge Randall Rodgers inquired of Bundy whether or not Jaynes was "worth it" and asked about their marriage status, eventually declaring:

You know, as a part of my probation, you're going to have to marry her... within 30 days.

Bundy told reporters:

He offered me 15 days in jail [as an alternative], and that would have been fine. And I asked if I could call my job [to inform his employer of his pending absence]. The judge told me, 'Nope. That's not how this works.'

Jaynes was mortified, saying her "face was so red, people behind me were laughing." Her father, however, didn't find it one bit funny. Kenneth Jaynes claims:

I contacted a couple of lawyers, but they told me someone was trying to pull my leg... that judges don't court-order somebody to get married.

Inquiries into the matter by the Associated Press went unanswered by Judge Rodgers; Bundy and Jaynes complied with the sentence.