I recently asked a question on our station's social media pages that created a lot of chatter.  I was wondering what small town in North Dakota city folks like to frequent the most and why?

I received hundreds of answers on our Facebook pages and from our on-air listeners.  It literally took me all evening to tabulate the results.  The answers have been certified, analyzed, and checked for voting fraud.  I think we're good.

The one thing I took away from this poll was that we have a lot of good small towns in North Dakota.  Nearly 50 small towns were mentioned by our listeners and fans and a plethora of reasons why they love to visit these small towns.

In some cases, it's businesses that draw people to these small towns.  In other cases, it's the friendly people.  I could also tell that outdoor recreation was a big part of some of the answers as well.

Let's face it, we have so many outdoor opportunities in our great state and so many of those opportunities are near small towns.  Lifelong memories with family and friends are created by yearly hunting, fishing, and camping trips.  It's what makes North Dakota great for sure.

Before we get to the "Best of the Best", the Top 10, let's run down the 5 small towns that fell just outside the Top 10.

15.  Center-The big draw is the Cross Roads Bar.

14.  Regent-The Cannonball Saloon, Indian Creek Damn, and The Enchanted Highway were all mentioned.

13.  McClusky-The annual car show is a big draw.

12.  Ashley-Great grocery store, The Roost Bar, and Wildrose Cafe are favorites.

11.  Pick City-Fishing, an awesome ice cream shop, camping, and good restaurants.

Now, without further ado, The Top 10!

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