Crazies pouting on the couch not getting enough attention, questions of would race effect "The Bachelor's" dating decisions, who was getting enough get to know him time and who was going home roseless last night? I hate this show, I hate that its 30 women battaling over one man, I hate it that romance is contrived to a one hour or two hour fantasy date show. I hate that 29 other women have to watch when this man makes out with someone else or share his feelings with someone else.

Yet, I watch it and I even think this year's Bachelor  Sean Lowe is super attractive, kind, respectable, has signs of being a great husband, father and man to whatever lady he chooses to love. I am conflicted and still watching, as this season promises to be more drama filled than ever!

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What do you think of this season's The Bachelor? Will Sean find true love? Do you ever have any problems watching the show?