Travelmath recently ranked the top airports in the country, big and small. The rankings go from #1 to #322. North Dakota has several airports that landed on the list.

The system Travelmath used to calculate the best to the worst was pretty simple-

Many travel rankings take into account airline reviews and even flight path feedback, but we’ve ranked the airports themselves to give you an inside look into the nation’s best and worst options. Using information collected from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics throughout 2015 so far, we were able to rank 322 airports across the United States based on their results in each category.

So many things are out of the airlines or the airports hands when it comes to ruining or delaying your flight. Never the less, Travelmath took all of these into consideration to come up with the best and the worst airports in the country.

Thomas Lohnes / Getty

The best airports are Canyonlands Fields at number one, followed by Cedar City Regional and Lewiston Nez Perce County.

Here's how North Dakota airports ranked-

  • #26   Grand Forks Regional
  • #76   Dickenson Regional
  • #109 Bismarck Regional
  • #126 Jamestown Regional
  • #158 Devil's Lake Regional

You can see the complete list here.