Thirllist is at it again! You know, the website that is always making lists of the best food, bar and simply put, the best of the best can be found on Thrillist.

According to Thrillist, the task was difficult-

Even more than most foods, barbecue is personal. It defines regional identities, unites/divides families, and commands zealous loyalty amongst patrons. With a food so regional, each state had to be judged on criteria as unique as the snowflakey chars on a burnt end of brisket; some joints may be competitive circuit champions, while others are simply legends in their own neighborhoods.

This is no surprise to us the best BBQ in North Dakota is DJ's Smokehouse, BBQ and Catering. We've had so many opportunities to sample just about everything on the menu and I agree, DJ's is BEST! We've featured DJ's in several videos and articles. Not only does he serve breakfast and lunch from the restaurant on 12th Street, DJ's also has the mobile smoker that is around town.

Thrillist has this to say about DJ's-

The dream of many food truck owners is to one day open up a brick-and-mortar shop, and never have to deal with parking issues, the truck breaking down... the list goes on and on. DJ's truck set up shop every week at the Urban Harvest a few years back, a Bismarck event that's like a farmers' market on steroids. And now the folks behind DJ's are basically living the dream, having transitioned their successful food truck into a restaurant in September 2014. The Bismarck faithful flock to DJ's especially for their ribs and mac & cheese. But since you never forget your first love, the truck hits the road still, whether it's for a catering gig or to feed the beer-soaked masses in front of local microbrewery Laughing Sun

Congratulations to DJ's Smokehouse, BBQ and Catering in Bismarck!