Whether its a spot with the best eggs, pancakes, hash browns, breakfast sandwiches, or donuts, everyone has their favorite breakfast spot in North Dakota.

Recently, the food publication, Food & Wine, declared the best breakfast spots in each state by examining regions traditions and trends that are typically celebrated. In North Dakota, they found several spots throughout the Peace Garden State.

The featured spot is in Fargo, at BernBaum's, which is described by FargoMoorhead.org as:

A Nordic-Jewish deli tucked into a mid-century modern antique shop. 1950s play ovens adorn the walls, and the open kitchen serves up small plates, house-made bagels (with schmear, of course), and delicious coffee every day of the week.

F&W talks about their bagel sandwiches being served with smoked salmon on them, which sounds pretty amazing. Their Facebook Page seems to have several great comments and many recommendations as well. It's located at 115 Roberts St. in Fargo, so next time you're tailgating in the early morning hours for an NDSU home game, you know where to go.

In the Bismarck region, there were two main spots that were mentioned. One was Bread Poets, off of E. Thayer Ave in Bismarck. An establishment that describes itself as a 'unique retail bakery specializing in fresh, stone-ground whole wheat bread products'.

The other is Little Cottage Cafe, which can be found on E. Main Ave in Bismarck and constantly receives comments on its Facebook Page.

Unfortunately, I have not been to any of these establishments in my years of living in Bismarck, so I don't have a personal account to give. It's probably due to me being very routine-oriented, or just because I'm not much of a morning person. However, if you do find yourself up in the early morning hours in North Dakota, there are some spots that have been recommended by a reputable food publication. Enjoy!

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