If you don't know it by now, I love makeup more than I could ever love a human baby. My makeup obsession all started for me at the young age of zero days old (most likely). When I was little, I could wear makeup for dance or when I dressed up in costumes, but I couldn't wait for the day where my parents let me wear it on a daily basis.

I believe I was in the sixth grade when my mom let me start wearing makeup. And I never looked back. I love everything about makeup. I love the process of doing everything from primer to finishing spray. I love the creativity and endless possibilities of looks - glam, natural, fashion, wild, grunge, goth - it's all amazing to me. Now, I've had my share of makeup faux pas, but luckily, most of those blunders happened before social media really took off.

Normally, I use high-end makeup. I just love to blow my paycheck at Sephora and ULTA. But I could neve my roots, starting out with brands like Bon Bons and Wet N Wild (Wet N Wild actually still has amazing and cheap lipsticks). I still buy drugstore products from time-to-time, and I just have to tell you about my most favorite products. Get the list of my "Top 10 Favorite DRUGSTORE Makeup Items" that I use for a full face below:

Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Products

Do you happen to have a favorite drugstore makeup product?

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