Where do you think the best roads in the country are? I'll give you a hint, you could be riding on them!

Gallup came out with the list of the best and the worst roads in the country. I know how we often complain about the roads in North Dakota. After all, our roads get a beating every winter. The salt and chemicals used to keep the roads from icing over, plus the heavy equipment used to keep our roads open during the winter.  You would think North Dakotans' would have a negative response when asked to participate in this survey. Having said that, North Dakota did very well in this survey.

Here are the best roads in the nation.

  1. North Dakota
  2. Wyoming
  3. Utah
  4. Kansas
  5. South Dakota

The bottom the list includes Rhode Island, Michigan, Louisiana and West Virginia.

You can read more of the methodology used to determined the list here.


Matt Mills McKnight/ Getty Images