After a stretch of subzero temps and wind chills, Bismarck is loving today's feel outside in contrast to what it felt like yesterday morning.

Tuesday morning (January 16th), I was up in the 6 a.m. hour and checked the temperature on my Weather app in Bismarck, which gave me a temperature of -24. I walked outside to warm up my car before heading to the gym and thought to myself how the wind chill felt as cold as any previous morning I had done this, if not colder.

In terms of the forecast, I'm sure most of us couldn't wait until Wednesday (January 17th). When I went out for my lunch hour just before noon, I noticed the temperature on my vehicle dashboard was hovering right around 35. Then NWS Bismarck tweeted this:

Think about that. A city where the average high for today is 60 was colder than Bismarck where the average high for today is 20. I think we'll all take that on any day. Enjoy the nicer weather for as long as it lasts, Bis-Man!

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