The relationship is over, time has past and all of a sudden you and your ex have found peace.At least that's the case in my life, I can see all the reasons why we chose to be together and the good that he brought into my mind and life. More importantly in the talk  was the openess and opportunity to apologize for the shortcomings I brought to the relationship for the hurt,pain,insecurities I placed upon him. Meaning I took responsibility for my behavior,actions, choices. You show up to a relationship with only how you know how to relate and what has been modeled for you. I appreciate my ex for really being a man in my life- his character or commitment to me never waivered.Yes, there are reasons we are not together but his ability to fully love me has made me willing to not settle for anything less. The ex talk let us both celebrate our growth and lives as individuals, still cheering each other on in life!

With love,