The height of the Missouri River has met the National Weather Service's criteria for 'Action Stage' in Bismarck.

According to KFYR, as of late Saturday night, the Missouri River was at a height of 12.8 feet and is expected to go past 13 feet. Minor flood stage is 14.5 feet.

As seen in the tweet graphic, the current height of the Missouri River in Bismarck is compared to what it was in 2011. The Garrison Dam's releases have continued to increase in cubic feet per second over the past several days.

Bismarck Parks and Recreation has announced that the Keelboat Boat Ramp and Fox Island Boat Ramp have been closed. Almost all of the Keelboat Ramp is submerged in water.

Residential docks in Marina Bay that have not been pulled back are also submerged in water.

Hydrologist Alan Schlag of the National Weather Service in Bismarck said in an interview with KFYR that he doesn't anticipate a repeat of anything close to 2011's flood.

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