There's a lot of historical places and homes in North Dakota but only one historic home can be the most famous. took a look at the most famous historic homes in every state and in North Dakota the honor went to the Chateau De Mores.

The home is located in Medora and was home to Antoine-Amédée-Marie-Vincent Manca Amat de Vallombrosa (yes this is his actual real full name), more commonly known as Marquis De Mores.

De Mores was from France and was in the military where he helped out during an uprising in Algiers.

Eventually De Mores moved to North Dakota where he purchased over 44,000 acres of land and pursued ranching. Additioally De Mores began a meat-packing industry in the town that later became Medora, founded by De Mores.

De Mores has an interesting history. He was known as a 'duelist' as he challenged many individuals to duels. He was arrested multiple times for murder and was acquitted each time. Theodore Roosevelt claims that De Mores challenged him to a duel once but nothing ever came of it.

De Mores was also an anti-semite claiming that he himself was a victim of 'a Jewish plot.'

The house in Medora is available for touring and more information is available here.

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