At some point, you've probably Googled what your biggest fear is, whether you're trying to cope with it, trying to overcome it, or trying to figure out how to prevent it from happening.

ASecureLife did the research and figured out what each state's biggest fear is based on Google Trends, or basically, the most Googled fear in that state. The Peace Garden State was the only one of its kind to have this specific fear. The most Googled fear in North Dakota is 'stalkers.'

Stalkers can be some of the most creepy people in existence, but yet, only North Dakota fears stalkers the most (again, this according to Google). The most common fear throughout the country is 'mold'. That was the most Google fear in 11 states which is a rather bizarre result. Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a common fear of six states.

Robbery, peeping toms, and fall prevention also showed up in multiple states. Peeping toms seem like they and stalkers are on a similar level of creepy, but technicalities are neither here, nor there.

You can view the full map of what each state fears the most, based on their Google searches here.

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