There are a lot of live events these days and a lot of them are available for streaming online. Let's take a look at what North Dakota has streamed the most so far in 2016.

We are only halfway through the year, but many big time events have been streamed online already including the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals.

Using Google Trends, Frontier Communications created an interactive map to look at what event each state has streamed the most so far in 2016.

For North Dakota, the people have streamed the NBA Finals the most. The NBA Finals are still ongoing with the Golden State Warriors currently leading the Cleveland Cavaliers in the series 3-2. Game 6 is tonight on ABC beginning at 8pm. The Warriors will win the championship with a win. If Cleveland wins, a decisive game 7 will be played Sunday night. The game is available for streaming on ESPN's streaming service Watch ESPN (formerly ESPN 3).

Interestingly, despite the nationwide popularity of the NBA, North Dakota is the only state where the NBA Finals have been streamed the most. Many states streamed this year's Super Bowl. Streaming for the NFL is relatively new but people took advantage of the ability to watch this year's Super Bowl on It is likely many in North Dakota took advantage as well but not as much as the NBA Finals.

Sports are not the only live event people are streaming though. In Vermont the most live streamed event so far was the Democratic debate. Of course presumptive nominee Bernie Sanders is a senator from Vermont.

Interestingly in New York where there are multiple sports teams for all the major sports, the most live streamed event of 2016 there was Comic Con.

The popular show Game of Thrones has been streamed the most in Arizona.

Not surprisingly the most streamed event in Tennessee in 2016 so far was the Grammy Awards.

Check out the full map here.

[Frontier Communications]